The following links may be of interest:

 Volunteers from Reigate DFAS at work in the library.

The Arts Society Reigate
The Arts Society is an arts-based educational charity, with over 300 societies and 90000 members worldwide. Volunteers from the Reigate branch assist the library with the care of our books.

Surrey County Council
The Cranston Library is grateful for the support of the Surrey County Council.

The Girdlers’ Company
The Girdlers’ Company is one of the 108 livery companies of the City of London, and the Cranston Library is very grateful to the Girdlers for their generous support.

St Mary’s Church, Reigate

The home of the Cranston Library.

Cowlishaw Bookbinding
Nick and Charlotte Cowlishaw are expert conservators and bookbinders and produce high quality work for the Cranston Library’s conservation programme.

Historic Libraries Forum
An organisation which provides information for the public, and support and advice for historic libraries.

Heritage Open Days
The Cranston Library participates in the annual Heritage Open Days scheme.